logo of obacht game with hugo the character

a mobile multiplayer game

Obacht is a new multiplayer game for smartphones. You can play it cross-platform on iOS and Android. It was created by a project team at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences.


Two on-screen players each run on their own planet. This is where the fun starts! Take care of your "Hogi" and try to avoid running into traps. Even better - you can place traps in the way of your enemy's "Hogi" to make life difficult for him. So be prepared to put your reflexes to the test!

iphone 5 in white with a picture of obacht desert theme on it


Here you can download the game for the operating system of your choice.

Android Apple iOS Windows Phone

symbian webOS

Play Now

You also have the opportunity to play the game right now in your browser.

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group shot of the design and developer team of obacht


Simon Heimler server development

Martin Hofmann design & development

Eduard Heitz character design

Lukas Jaborsky team leader & development

Claudia Kölbl design & development

Sebastian Huber server development

Fabian Bühler development

Alina Fink design & development


If you have any questions,
feel free to contact us.




iphone 5 in white with obacht logo on it
logos of augsburg university of applied sciences and s2 intermedia from munich


The project is supported by S2 Intermedia.

S2 Intermedia

The project is supervised by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kowarschick and Prof. Michael Stoll.

HS Augsburg